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If you are having problems with your ADSL/Broadband connection, please complete the following form, which will help us liaise with BT in order to resolve the problem.

Your name: eg. Fred Bloggs
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Please ensure that you enter a valid email address above, or we won't be able to reply to your message.
Telephone Number of ADSL Line: 
Does the telephone still work for voice calls? 
Do you get an ADSL Sync with the local exchange? 
Is there any non ADSL equipment connected to the line ie. fax/old modem? 
Is is possible to plug the router directly into the master socket without an extension? Does that make a difference? 
Has another ADSL modem/router been used, and does this make a difference? 
Has a different microfilter been used, and does this make a difference? 
Has ADSL ever worked? 
Description of fault ie. can't download web pages, slow connection etc.:


Technical Helpdesk: Email: 
24 hour emergency:
0845 120 5559
07913 398 001 (voice or sms)


Please feel free to provide us with any feedback or comments. By listening to user feedback, we can improve the level of service and support for all our customers.