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ArgoNet subscriber FAQ

You've probably come to this page because you have, or had, an ArgoNet account. Hopefully the answers provided here will answer some of your frequently asked questions about our new service.

1. How do your prices compare with the previous ArgoNet ones?
We've specifically reviewed all our prices in order to give migrating ArgoNet customers and new customers alike the most competitive prices without compromising our friendly and comprehensive technical support and service reliability. We hope you'll agree that these represent a significant saving over previous ArgoNet prices.

Email domains available
The following addresss are available for a limited period only

4. I currently have ArgoNet broadband. Will I be able to retain my connection?
Unfortunately no. This is because that we have changed our upstream provider in order to obtain more competitive prices to benefit you, the customer. However, you won't need to pay a reconnection fee in order to switch over. There is a single 'migration' fee of £20.00 (inc.), which coupled with our new, lower subscription fee will be saved in just two months of the new service.
Don't panic though because we will handle everything so that the switch over is as painless as possible.

5. I have a website on ArgoNet under my user name. Will web space still be available?
We are still offering user webspace for all accounts. This has been expanded to 50MB (and can be increased). Your new website address (URL) will be http://>userchoice<
Alternatively you may like us to register your own domain for you.

6. I currently, have my business website (and a client's) on my ArgoNet 'free' web pages. I presume these will be transferred over easily?
If you transfer your account to us before June, we can arrange for the transfer of your website from the old ArgoNet server to our new server. We can do this for user webspace or your own domain if you would like us to host that for you.

8. Will you have a better WebMail system?

9. Are you going to offer international roaming?
This is one facility we would like to offer our customers, as quite a few regularly travel overseas and have asked us if there is an easy way of connecting to the internet whilst away on business. Unfortunately, the costs are rather prohibitive, but this is high on our "if it's possible we'll do it" list.
However, if you have access to an internet-connected computer you can still access your email via our WebMail interface.

10. Are you still going to have a freephone number for technical support?
No. After evaluating different solutions we've implemented a nationwide lo-call 0845 telephone number for technical support, but have improved the service to include out-of-office support for those who can't always contact us between 9 and 5. Of course, we will provide an extensive knowledge base of support documentation and tutorial pages within the support section of this website.

If you have any other queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you personally or add another question to this page.