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General Voyager issues

Voyager was originally designed to provide an out-of-the-box solution for Acorn users connecting to the Argonet ISP service. As such it was relatively restrictive in that all the various settings were fixed for connecting to Argonet so that there was nothing the user could mess up by mis-configuration or typing something incorrectly.

In order to connect to Orpheus and still use Voyager you have to upgrade Voyager so that it correctly recognises the new Orpheus server and doesn't try to connect to the old, and no longer working, Argonet servers.

oDetailed instructions for configuring Voyager for connecting to Orpheus, including !VoyUpdate

oPaul Vigay's instructions for using Voyager 2.07 on broadband connections.

oHow to enable/disable extra email addresses.


Voyager Updates

oPosty v1.40 (3rd Mar 2006) - fixes a bug whereby extra email addresses got assigned the wrong domain.

Please run the VoyUpdate utility to convert from Argonet Voyager to Orpheus Voyager.

Possible problems encountered

A number of possible problems may be encountered when using !Voyager on Orpheus, not least because Voyager was originally intended to work only with Argonet. However, we are striving to allow compatibility as much as possible. The following pages might help with any problems.

oVoyager stalling just after connecting to Orpheus.

oThe 'modem took too long' whilst dialling into Orpheus.

oRandom disconnections when using Dialup access.

o"Five Parameters expected - Server name, Destination news file, News groups subscription file, News index file and ID request file" error when trying to fetch news.

oThe auto upgrader reports "" not found.