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Router Compatibility with high speed broadband

With the advent of high speed (up to 8MB) broadband, some older routers may not benefit from the new speed increases. Most routers supplied by Orpheus have already been ADSL2/8MB capable, but the following chart will provide details on the specifications of various routers.

If you have a router not listed and are thinking of subscribing to our fast broadband connections, please contact us with the make and model details of your router and we'll see if we can find out the specifications of it.

Router make/modelMaximum Downstream speedMaximum Upstream speedManufacturers Info
Billion 5100Aup to 8Mbpsup to 640Kbpshere
Netgear DG834up to 8Mbpsup to 1Mbpshere
Netgear DG834Gup to 8Mbpsup to 1Mbpshere
Solwise SAR-600ERup to 8Mbpsup to 1Mbpshere
Solwise SAR-600EWup to 8Mbpsup to 1Mbpshere
Solwise SAR-WBIG304TAup to 8Mbpsup to 640Kbpshere
Additional Notes

Some routers simply specify the various standards and/or protocols that their LAN ports support. The most common standards are:

G.DMT or ITU G.992.1Downstream up to 8Mbps, Upstream up to 1Mbps
G.Lite or ITU G.992.2Downstream up to 8Mbps, Upstream up to 640Kbps